Who's in Control?

Are we Brainwashed?

   Most of us spend our entire lives being controlled by others in one way or another. Oh we like to think we have control but we are just fooling ourselves.

   Yes, I know YOU chose what to major in at college. Yes, I know YOU chose which job to take. Yes, I know YOU make up your own mind (heh, heh, heh). So, if that is true then why aren't you really happy? 

   We are brainwashed from the moment we come out of the womb folks. By our Parents (with the best of intentions), by our Teachers (often ignorant of what they are doing in that respect), by our Peers, by the Newspapers and Television (and now the Internet), by our Leaders, and even by our Preachers, Pastors, Rabies, and Priests.

   It is formidable attack and it works. We "conform" to the world we live in. We do that and think we are "happy" because we are taught to think that way. We are taught to think that working 40 to 50 hours a week to help someone else make money is the right thing to do. We are taught to think that accepting the world around us as it is is the right thing to do. We are taught that "voting" gives us some control and a "say" in our Government. We are taught that "our" religious leaders have the only correct way to get to heaven. We are taught that our Law Enforcement and Judicial entities are all Honest and there for "our" benefit. We are taught so many things that in no way whatever contribute to our individual growth and comfort that we eventually just give up. Work 30 or 40 years, get our pension, and then I will be happy... isn't that what most people "dream" of?

   What a sad dream.

   I believed all that garbage. I said I believed..... past tense.

   Well... I am not buying that Crap any more.

   Am I a rebel, a trouble causer, an insurgent?

   NO. I am just someone who discovered how to get in touch with the inner self. I still follow all the Laws of Man, I still pay my taxes, and I still love my Country. The only difference is I now access parts of me that the society I live in tried to suppress. I am someone who is learning how to be truly happy. And guess what... in the process I discovered I can do anything (that does not harm another living thing) I want to. I can be anything I want to. I can have anything I want to. And maybe even share that knowledge with other people... or at least with those that are ready.   

Science has Proven that WE control what happens around us by simply "observing" it.

What an Amazing statement.

I always thought that in order for me to "observe" something it had to already be there.... but the Truth is much more fascinating. Not only that but once the True relationship of observing is understood it can be applied by anyone.

Yeah, yeah... If I am looking at a chair and pointing at it saying "Look at that chair" and you are in the same room, you will see the same chair I do so what's the big deal. Well, there are different "levels" of observation in the sense that many things in the world we live in are observed by many minds at the same time thus the thing being observed maintains its presence. Kind of like a "team" view but much more subtle.

Is understanding this occurrence on a scientific level difficult? Yes. You would have to study Quantum Physics to fully understand the SCIENTIFIC FACT of this. On the other hand you probably have sat in a chair. You felt the support under you and perhaps even felt the texture of the material it was covered with or the richness of the wood. And You believe the chair is real. You are not an expert in organic chemistry, synthetic chemistry (things the material covering of the chair are made of), nor are you and ergonomics engineer, and I am certain you cannot make up a batch of real wood in your kitchen yet you believe the chair is there. My point is that you don't HAVE to understand the "why" of how this works, only accept the obvious fact the IT DOES WORK.

Because it WORKS, those in the know have used this knowledge for both good and ill ever since mankind began. That's why I say we are "brainwashed" and also say "we don't have to stay that way". In my opening comments I referred to our conforming to the world we live in. We conform because we are told what to "observe" in our minds, thereby making that observation a reality.

Would you believe that an entire Country lives in a oppressed state because they are taught to believe they have only that way to live? And the "powers" that control that country constantly re-enforce that belief and tell the peoples of that Country that their only salvation is to do what the "powers" say, or things will get even worse? Well, look around the world today. There are many Countries just like that. And, unfortunately, things will not change quickly in any of those Countries. That "team" view I mentioned earlier is actually the collective consciousness of the peoples of those countries and when That Many Believe the "Same Thing" then that "Thing" shall be so. Whether it be Good or Bad. It is a Law of Nature.

That doesn't mean that a citizen of that country can't change His or Her own Personal position because we see that happen all the time. It is just the those folks that "break out" of that "group consciousness" are an exception, not the rule.

On a smaller scale, we can and DO control what happens to us (our own personal self) to a much greater degree than we realize. We do it by "observation." I know you are asking "What's this nut case talking about now?" but bear with me.

WE Create our own existence by observing it BEFORE IT BECOME A REALITY. Yes, I am shouting. Once you understand and apply this You will want to Shout It From The Rooftops too. It is that powerful, and can free you. It can free you to Dream again, have Hope again, enjoy Life again, and while you are on this Planet. I'm not talking about some future benefit in some other state of existence, I am talking about the Here and Now.

There are several excellent courses on creating your own reality (You'll be exposed to these teachings at Mind-Farms.com) available. Theological teachings also explain the concept but not in today's language and is often laced with "Religious Doctrine" that can be confusing to the reader. Plus there are other sources that can lead you down the path to understanding THIS concept such as The Invisible Path to Success and a very "easy to understand course" by Dr. Robert Anthony.

To reiterate, Are You Brainwashed?


Can You change that?


But... you have to learn How...     

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